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Massages are customized for each person. Each massage includes a discussion of your lifestyle and incorporates the correct massage for you. A guests’ privacy is always respected and they will be draped during each treatment. Massages are for women only.

  • Massage: 55 min –$75  / 80 min – $80   
  • Targeted Massage: 25 min – $40 /  55 min – $70

    • Concentrated massage targets the common problem areas of the upper body with medium to deep pressure to releases tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

  • Swedish Massage: 25 min – $40  /  55 min – $65  /  80 min – $100

    • Long, soothing strokes with medium to deep pressure to stimulate blood circulation, ease muscle tension and encourage relaxation.

  • Stone Massage: 55 min – $90  /  80 min – $110

    • Warmed stones are placed on specific pressure points on the body and used as an extension of the therapist’s hands. The thermal effect from the stones helps to penetrate tense muscles.

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy: 80 min – $90

    • This is a treatment that allows your body to help correct itself. Working from the head to the sacrum with various light holds, allows your body to relax and help to realign itself. It is a fabulous treatment for many different aches, pains, migraines and much more. You leave the session feeling rested and revived

  • Add 15 minute Cranial Sacral Therapy to any facial $20

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