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Manicures & Pedicures

Manicures & Pedicures


Proper nail care helps keep our often-neglected areas beautiful and youthful. All implements are disinfected then UV sterilized for your protection. Cuticles are not cut, but properly exfoliated and pushed back. No credo blades are used. We prefer technology and superior products to achieve maximum results

“No-Chip” gel manicures last for more than two weeks and are virtually indestructible. They will stand up to the most challenging of chores without chipping or losing shine.

  • No-Chip Gel Manicures $40 

  • Manicure $25

  • French Manicure $23

  • Paraffin Treatment for Hands or Feet $12

    •   A special serum penetrates through a moisturizing warm wax.

  • Polish Change $12

    •   Light shaping, hand cream, polish application.

  • Spa Treatment Manicures $30

  • Classic Pedicure $45

    •   Exfoliation, refreshing mask and massage.

  • Spa Treatment Pedicures $48

    •   This pedicure utilizes organic products rich in vitamins and minerals. Excellent for circulation and moisturizing of feet and lower legs.

  • Seaweed Pedicure* $50

    •   Detoxifying seaweed mask, followed by massage – great for aches & pains  *Not for people allergic to sulfur or iodine.

  • Lavendar Pedicure $43

  • Parafin Hand Treatment $12

  • Parafin Feet Treatment $12

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